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Information you should know
Please take a look at the following state agency pamphlet. It contains useful information about the relationship between Real Estate Agents and Buyers and Sellers. This is not a contract and does not bind you to me as your agent.
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I am an active agent working in Portland Metro. I created this site as a real estate resource for buyers and sellers who want to be proactive and well informed. If you are interested in buying or selling please sign up to receive my daily listing email. We map every new listing each day then update the neighborhood maps. The map is emailed to you. Simply click a neighborhood to see the listed properties for sale, complete with pictures, price and address. Click on the Portland Metro Listings tab above to sign up for listings via email Whether buying or selling in the area... if you are interviewing agents, please call... I would love to apply for the job.

Isabelle Zifcak
Principal Broker